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About Us
& Our Famous Birria

Birria is a popular Mexican dish that originated in the Jalisco state. It is traditionally made with lamb meat, but it is common for people to use beef today since it is more affordable and easier to find throughout Mexico and the United States.

La receta de la birria es una tradicion que lleva con nosotros casi 100 años cuatro generaciones en pesando con mi bisabuela aurora rivas arenas y su hijo José Melendres rivas mis tios y mi papa Salvador aviles Melendres y ahora la familia garcia aviles es un orgullo seguir llevando a ustedes estos manjares mexicanos, con gusto para todos ustede

Our Famous Combos

Broth, Quesabirrias, Soft Tacos, Tortas, you name it; We have it!

Combo # 1

3 Quesabirria (hardshell) 1 Consome/Broth 8oz.


Combo # 2

1 Big Quesabirria (Flour Tortilla) 1 Consome/Broth 8oz.


Combo # 3

Ramen Birria + Quesabirria (Hardshell) + 1 Coke


Combo # 4

3 Tacos Birria (Hardsell) Dorada
With 1 Broth Small 8oz


Combo # 5

Our flavors & 3 Quesabirria (Soft/Suaves)
1 Consome/Broth 8oz.


Combo # 6

2 Birria Taco
(Hardsell quesadilla)
1 Consome/Broth 8oz.


Combo # 7

1 Burrito (Asada o Birria)
1 Consome/Broth 8oz.


Combo # 8

4 Mini Tacos With 1 Birria Broth Small 8oz Roasted Chilis & Roasted Onion


Combo # 9

Torta (Asada o Birria)
1 Consome/Broth 8oz.


Exclusive offer

New Pizzabirria



  • Para 2 personas

  • Feed 2 people

  • 2 Broths / Consome

Enjoy our New!

Combo Offers

Combo #9
Torta Asada o Birria

With 1 Birria Broth Small 8oz, Cheese, Beans, Avocado, Cilantro & Onion Queso / Con 1 Consome 8oz, Queso, Frijol, Aguacate, Cilantro y Cebolla


Skinny Tacos

3 Skinny Tacos Served in a Lettuce Leaf , 1 Broth 8oz / Tacos Flacos Servidos en Hoja de Lechuga, 1 Consome 8oz


Combo #11
Pizza Birria

For 2 Persons, 2 Broths, Vegetables and Sauces / Para 2 Personas Incluye 2 Consomes, Verduras y Salsas.


Combo #12
Paquete Familiar

1 Big Quesadilla, 3 Quesabirria, 4 Tacos Dorados/ Hard Shell, 1 Burrito, 4 Consomes/Broth, Salsas, Limones/Lemons y Verduras/ Vegetables




The service was amazing! Our server was so sweet and helpfull, it was our first time having birria and we literally tried about everything, it was all so amazing!!! Their salsa was really delicious too! Now I Know where I will be going for birria. – google review

Makalia M.

Came here for a whim of the moment but I was craving tacots seen they had but he had tacos and quesadillas. The place is taking take out but you can still go inside and order I was greeted us tonight I waljerd and no line and was able to order and get my food quickly.inside the hav combo meals of their tacos quesadillas birria Ramen. I ended up getting all three combos form me and my husband my favorite were the quesadillas and a buddy of Rammen tacos Definitely will be back for birria quesadilla consome and ramen!! – yelp review

Alex K.

HOLY MOLY. Drop what your´re doing and figure out when the first chance you have to make it here is (they close 3 pm, call in to work because you hate your job anyway and this will be a sexual experience, bring extra chones). If your’re sick of Tex mex and want to have a new experience then you gotta come here. – yelp review

Best Birria in all Texas

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